Though they both fall prey to Dracula, Mina is able to maintain her pure status while Lucy suffers a darker fate. Mina rejects the possibility of becoming like Lucy, and is determined to sacrifice herself instead. Because she is caring and willing to die rather endanger those around her, she is able to remain an […]

After our discussion on “Orientalism” in class today, I saw a lot more about what Said was discussing in the clips we watched today. Especially in Ch. 27 when the gypsies are mentioned, the descriptions make you- as the reader- other them right off the bat. “The gypsies may not have known the language, but […]

The fantastic is associated with the supernatural. It is different than the uncanny because instead of accepting the story as a truth the reader hesitates and openly questions the reliability of the narrator. The fantastic as defined by Todorov has three elements. 1.Text as world of living people and hesitation of natural and supernatural events […]

The genre of the invasion novel is fairly straightforward, in that some kind of invasion from an Other functions as the main component of the work. The genre usually focuses on novels concerned with military or extraterrestrial invasions, and Dracula is no exception. As we discussed in class today, Dracula is the “invader” of England, […]

While we were deliberating about Dracula in class today, Dr. McLeod made an emphasis on Mina and Lucy. Deciding to look further into the concept within the two characters, I have noticed a dynamic connection between the women’s encounter with Dracula. When Lucy was bitten by Dracula, she eventually fell under his mischievous intentions due […]

A prevalent symbolic aspect in Dracula is to be found in the Good and Evil spectrum of the novel.┬áThere is an eternal struggle between the virtuous and the dark, wicked worlds. Van Helsing has a rather profound quote which lends into this nicely: “-they cannot die, but must go on age after age adding new […]

I think it’s interesting that both Dorian Gray and Lucy show physical marks of their corruption. Since their beauty is the source of their downfall, then it seems reasonable that the loss of the beauty is one of the primary consequences for immorality. Dorian’s gruesome portrait is eventually made beautiful in his death, just as […]