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Dracula’s End

In thinking about the possible genres this novel fits into, I think the clearest and best fit is the Gothic genre. Gothic blends horror and romance, and we definitely have that here. In reading about the Invasion Novel, it seems to also be a valid reading. Dracula can been seen as an outside force invading […]

Dracula: Ch. 21-27

Religion continues to play a large part in the story within the last few chapters of the novel. Most striking in this section is the fact that Mina’s face is scarred by the communion wafer. Mina’s response is heartbreaking: “Uclean! Unclean! Even the Almighty shuns my polluted flesh! I must bear this mark of shame […]

Dracula’s End

Mina is the ultimate Angel in the House on the cusp of becoming a New Woman. She does whatever is her duty, but she still has an independence about her that is relatable. She goes so far as to sacrifice her own life should she begin to turn in order to save the lives of […]

Dracula 20-end

The part in this last section that is the most striking is when Mina drinks the count’s blood. Not only is it a powerful and shocking scene, it’s weird and uncomfortable, but not because of the actual events. It’s unsettling because gender roles are being reversed in this scene. Instead of a male being the […]

Though they both fall prey to Dracula, Mina is able to maintain her pure status while Lucy suffers a darker fate. Mina rejects the possibility of becoming like Lucy, and is determined to sacrifice herself instead. Because she is caring and willing to die rather endanger those around her, she is able to remain an […]

Dracula and The Fantastic

The fantastic is associated with the supernatural. It is different than the uncanny because instead of accepting the story as a truth the reader hesitates and openly questions the reliability of the narrator. The fantastic as defined by Todorov has three elements. 1.Text as world of living people and hesitation of natural and supernatural events […]

Dracula, Ch. 12-20

As I was reexamining this section, two things struck me: color and religion. Though the two are not quite related, I will attempt to illustrate a representational link between the two. In┬áDracula, few colors are utilized. Tiffany mentioned this in class when referring to the color red. However, I have noticed that the colors black […]