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Victorian Artifacts

The British Museum has some very nice collections, but having seen most the Smithsonian museums and the Royal Ontario Museum (Canada’s national museum), I wasn’t too awed by anything here (except maybe the Rosetta Stone and the Easter Island statue – those were cool). I have to agree with whoever (I can’t seem to find […]

British Museum

I love cameo (really any old-fashioned) ¬†jewelry so when I saw a display of them at the British Museum I was very excited! The ornate and intricate details are astounding. These pieces are prime examples of the decadence of the Victorian age. (Queen Victoria was the principal figure in popularizing the style of jewelry.) The […]

British Museum Blog Post

One of my favorite parts of visiting the British Museum’s Victorian section was browsing the collection of decorative snuff and cigarillo boxes. These decorative receptacles illustrate two things about the Victorians: their love for tobacco and their need to demonstrate status and class at all times. The nicer the receptacle, the more wealthy the user. […]

The British Museum

I was pretty excited about this inkstand from the Victorian era. It was in the jewelry section, but it was on the bottom shelf and really easy to miss. I was so distracted by all of the ornate pieces like this: I almost walked right past the stand.       The details on this […]

British Museum

As previously mentioned in other posts, this was the most overwhelming museum I have ever been to. Of course, my favorite exhibitions were the ancient Greek and Roman and Egyptian rooms. But since our focus was on the Victorian era, I kept a special eye out for artifacts that were from that time. My favorite […]

British Museum

The British Museum definitely delivered in “overwhelming-ness” to say the least! I learned some things about money… For example, there were several different terms for money. “Bob”, “shilling”, “guinea”, “sovereign” and “crown” ¬†were all different monetary terms. One pound = 20 shillings One shilling = 20 pence One guinea = 21 shillings Gold sovereign = […]

The Mystery of Missing History

Something’s gone missing in London. As we go through the museums and walks, I couldn’t figure out what. All were very informative. I’ve learned about the embankment of the Thames, the lives of Kings and Queens long past, the shadowy underworld of Victorian London…but still. There was something missing. Couldn’t place my finger on it. […]