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Charles Dickens Walk

Who knew that Charles Dickens once worked as a waiter at T.G.I.Fridays!? I didn’t! Just kidding… I loved this walking tour, by my favorite of tour guides- Richard III. I loved walking to the places that inspired locations and characters in Dickens’ stories and I just can’t believe that there’s a TGIF’s in the building […]

Charles Dickens Walk

On Friday, Richard III guided us for another London Walk that proved to be both enlightening and entertaining. He led us through Dickens’ London and showed us places that inspired some of his characters, settings, and plots. We walked by his childhood workplace, a blacking factory, and the flat where he lived in his adulthood. […]

Following Charley D.

We read Charles Dickens’¬†Oliver Twist¬†in class for this trip, so part of it was taking tours and going to places that he would have frequented. This includes his houses, his work spaces, and even the places his characters frequented. The wall at Marshalsea Debtors Prison where his father was held for some time. A tree […]

All Dickens All the Time!

OK, not really. But between class this week, the Darkest Victorian Walk, the Dickens Museum, and the Dickens Walk, we have had a lot of him this week. And a lot of Richard III. I think Dickens was a good introduction to start our study of Victorian literature. Oliver Twist gives us a pretty good […]

Dickens Walk

The Dickens Walk today was my favorite excursion so far, even though it was extremely cold (not as cold as yesterday, though). Seeing the actual location of what would have been Pip’s apartments, as well as the locations for one chapter of Martin Chuzzlewit and what would have been Mr. Tulkinghorn’s chambers, was beyond surreal. […]

Dickens Walk

I think it is so neat that Fagin was a real guy! It makes me wonder what other things Dickens used in his works that were from his life experiences. I also thought the difference between the deserving and the undeserving poor was interesting. I think Oliver would have been considered undeserving because he asked […]

Oliver Twist: Chapters 40-53

I think Mariko already talked about Sikes’s psychological state a bit (maybe that’s why the character’s called “Sikes”–after all, it sounds like “psych”), but I found that part of the novel especially interesting as well, so I’m going to add a few things. Throughout the book, Sikes is portrayed as being a violent thug with […]