Bram Stoker


Bram Stoker

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  1. Of course Deborah wanted to talk about sexy time, and for good reason! Thus far in the novel, I have seen nothing but sexual descriptions. Maybe my mind is in the gutter, per usual, but this time I feel confident in saying its not just me. There is the obvious repeated mention of ‘voluptuous’ which we mentioned at one point earlier today. I was also struck by the foils between the three women that come to Harker in his ‘dream’ and Lucy and Mina. I feel like we all see the clear and overt sexual nature of the three women. We get what’s really happening in that scene. But I think, time period wise, it would have been necessary for Stoker to juxtapose those loose women against the moral and chaste Lucy and man. I think ths is representative of the Victorian’s attitudes towards other, non-Western cultures as the other, uncivilized, immoral people. Lucy and Mina illustrate the Victorian ideals of womanhood as chaste, calm, non- sexual beings while the three women are wild, exceedingly sexual, dangerous women. The Victorian ideals of the nn-sexual woman can also be seen when Lucy is writing the letter and says something along the lines of she wishes women could marry as many men as who wanted therm. Even though she immediately retracts her statement, as a good Victorian woman should, I could still see a slight hint of the desire for a sexually dominating relationship. Now I’m not sure who would be the dominant and who would e the submissive in that situation, but you can still see by that statement tht just because her culture says she shouldn’t be sexual, there is a part of her who is at least thinking about sex. Ths gives me hope for her character’s personality. Although my prediction is thing will not be looking up for her. That’s what she said.

  2. Here is where I start to get confused. Blame it on the cold medicine, who knows. At any rate, I found parts of this section to be exceedingly…rapey, for a lack of better word. The scene where Harker is knocked out, and Dracula is forcing Mina to suck blood from his chest is confusing for me. On the one hand, I can see this scene as rape. Dracula is forcing her to perform compromising acts on him. It’s almost like he slipped her a ruffie, since she seems to be be in a trance. Yet, this isn’t necessarily a classic rape story, since when the group is caught, Mina appears to be the aggressor. Again, ths whole trance thing makes me think of date rape, so I’m assuming she didn’t know what she was doing. Furthermore, this position as the ‘aggressor’ reminds me of how society treats rape today. Time after time, the woman is blamed for being raped. This scene illustrates that situation for me.

  3. To me, the latter part of the novel seems to consist of Harker and Mina chasing Dracula until his enevitable demise. Especially after watching the video in class of Edward Said’s discussions of orientalism, I can see that argument being applied to Stoker,s novel. I feel like this chase of ‘good’ killing ‘evil’ is representative of how Christianity continuously attempts to stamp out and kill other religious practices. I think this would be especially applicable towards Victorian England, since the would have predominately seen Christianinty as the correct form of practice. By having Mina and Harker chase Dracula, Christianity is symbolically chasing the eastern and other ‘wrong’ religions, and also simultaneously othering Dracula and unfamiliar religious practices. I guess this situation could also be seen as exemplifying imperialism, and Britain’s chase to civilize the uncivilized.

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