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Dracula: Ch. 21-27

Religion continues to play a large part in the story within the last few chapters of the novel. Most striking in this section is the fact that Mina’s face is scarred by the communion wafer. Mina’s response is heartbreaking: “Uclean! Unclean! Even the Almighty shuns my polluted flesh! I must bear this mark of shame […]

Dracula, Ch. 12-20

As I was reexamining this section, two things struck me: color and religion. Though the two are not quite related, I will attempt to illustrate a representational link between the two. In Dracula, few colors are utilized. Tiffany mentioned this in class when referring to the color red. However, I have noticed that the colors black […]

Dracula: Ch. 1-12

There is so much to talk about that I’m not even sure where to start… First of all, I have always been interested in the role of mirrors in the novel. The importance of mirrors is played up in various film interpretations, but it is important to note its possible symbolic interpretations. We have already […]

British Museum Blog Post

One of my favorite parts of visiting the British Museum’s Victorian section was browsing the collection of decorative snuff and cigarillo boxes. These decorative receptacles illustrate two things about the Victorians: their love for tobacco and their need to demonstrate status and class at all times. The nicer the receptacle, the more wealthy the user. […]

The Picture of Dorian G(r)ay: Chapters 11-20

At the end of the novel, the reader is left with many questions. The most difficult issue for me is the notion that the picture itself has, up to this point, absorbed Dorian’s behavior, and the ugliness of his soul has manifested itself in the art (representation). However, at the end of the novel, Dorian […]

The Picture of Dorian Gray: Chapters 1-10

While many have remarked upon the notion of art as the central theme of the text, I can not get the first vivid description of Dorian (at the moment Lord Henry plants the seed of his hedonistic ideas in Dorian’s mind) out of my head. It is at this moment, during Dorian’s sitting, that Basil […]

Sherlock Holmes: “The Final Problem”

For me, “The Final Problem” instantly brought to mind the concept of doppelgängers. Moriarty is the only character who is described as being Holmes’ equal, and appears to be his shadow self. In addition, no one sees Holmes fall over the waterfall, and as a master of disguise, he could very well have been the […]