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Dracula’s End

In thinking about the possible genres this novel fits into, I think the clearest and best fit is the Gothic genre. Gothic blends horror and romance, and we definitely have that here. In reading about the Invasion Novel, it seems to also be a valid reading. Dracula can been seen as an outside force invading […]

Lucy 2.0?

So Lucy did turn! I suspected she might. Now it seems like it might be Mina’s turn to turn, which either ruins the “Mina = angel in the house” theory or the “willing participant” theory. She can’t be both, right? If we want to keep both of those going, something must have happened to change […]

I Vant to Finish this Novel…

but I’m getting sleepy…very, very sleepy.   What I found to be the most interesting/striking difference between men and women in the novel so far is that Lucy dies (or at least is turned??) after her interactions with Dracula despite Van Helsing’s and Seward’s attempts to save her, while Harker, who was alone with the […]

Victorian Artifacts

The British Museum has some very nice collections, but having seen most the Smithsonian museums and the Royal Ontario Museum (Canada’s national museum), I wasn’t too awed by anything here (except maybe the Rosetta Stone and the Easter Island statue – those were cool). I have to agree with whoever (I can’t seem to find […]

Dorian Gray: Part Deux

Sarah stole my idea of comparing Dorian’s use of opium to Sherlock Holmes’s drug dependency. I agree that we see in both an attempt to escape from the real world in favor of a more exciting, lively life — in both cases, one with elements of danger and mystery. Much like Irene Adler in the […]

Dorian Gray Part I

I’m going to go ahead and post without reading anyone else’s because I haven’t finished reading yet, and I don’t want any spoilers. Sorry if I repeat anyone’s… My version of the book has a lengthy introduction with some very useful background information including some biography of Oscar WIlde. With this information in mind, it […]

Sherlock Holmes: The Final Problem

This post is going to be a preview of today’s class. Here are some things I’d like us to continue/start thinking about: Genre – Does this story stick to our classification as a detective story? Performance of Professionalism – How do we tell the good guy from the bad guy? Performance of Masculinity – In […]