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Dracula’s End

Mina is the ultimate Angel in the House on the cusp of becoming a New Woman. She does whatever is her duty, but she still has an independence about her that is relatable. She goes so far as to sacrifice her own life should she begin to turn in order to save the lives of […]

Dracula’s Lucy Lilith

So today, the mention of the story of Lilith arose in class and I couldn’t recall it exactly, but knew that Lilith was the first woman who was, unlike Eve, created in the same way that Adam was – from dust. She was meant to be his wife but because she refused to lay beneath […]


This novel is just dripping with sexuality, which is why I’m so excited for Deborah’s discussion tomorrow. My favorite scene involved the mysterious and violent Weird Sisters with Jonathan Harker. Jonathan describes these three women in a way that we can tell they were beautiful, though deadly, and that he was obviously sexually attracted to […]

British Museum

As previously mentioned in other posts, this was the most overwhelming museum I have ever been to. Of course, my favorite exhibitions were the ancient Greek and Roman and Egyptian rooms. But since our focus was on the Victorian era, I kept a special eye out for artifacts that were from that time. My favorite […]

The Picture of Dorian Gray, Ch 11-20

In this half of the novel, we see Dorian fall even further from grace into a life filled with promiscuity, secrets, rumors, drugs, and other scandalous affairs. Dorian, though, sees it as beauty because Lord Henry convinced him that this way of life was beautiful and the yellow book further corrupted him into making choices […]

The Picture of Dorian Gray; Ch 1-10

Like Deborah mentioned, this novel reminds me of the play┬áDoctor Faustus, which is not only because the one other class I read this novel in was read right after reading┬áDoctor Faustus, but because of Dorian’s “deal with the Devil,” or when he pledges his soul to remain young and beautiful. He says, in the presence […]

The Final Problem

Moriarty is such a wonderful villain for Sherlock Holmes because, as Sherlock says several times, Moriarty is Sherlock’s intellectual equal. The way that Sherlock describes Moriarty to Watson is like Sherlock is describing himself but with complete opposite intentions. Instead of using his intelligence to solve problems, Moriarty uses his intellect in order to create […]