Ermahgerd, Vermpeyers

When trying to destroy Dracula, the means in which to do so are different than with the female vampires. Van Helsing says that there is a thorough process in which to destroy Lucy, but for Dracula it is just driving a stake through his heart. While Lucy is destroyed with just a stake in the heart, it was clear that there was supposed to be more to the process.

For me, I wonder if the reason why he didn’t need such a violent means to his end is because he  is a “gentleman” and the stake is no different from a sword in a sword fight. It is meant to show  a level of respect for him as a man, even if he is the other or a foreigner. The women are not afforded the same amount of respect – they must be put in their place for being sexual creatures.

Dracula, while he is an other, is still accorded the same respects that he would get if he was from Britain.


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