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One of my favorite parts of visiting the British Museum’s Victorian section was browsing the collection of decorative snuff and cigarillo boxes. These decorative receptacles illustrate two things about the Victorians: their love for tobacco and their need to demonstrate status and class at all times. The nicer the receptacle, the more wealthy the user. The boxes in the second photo were made by Cartier, and are amazingly detailed.



I also photographed one of Charles Dickens’ decorative snuff boxes at the Dickens Museum. However, this one was small and not very ornate, and was, I’m sure, one of many he owned. This was placed on a small table at the foot of the stairs, next to Dickens’ theatre token, and would have been for everyday use (and therefore less decorative).

IMG_6679 IMG_6673

If you are at all interested in the decorative Cartier boxes, someone has created a short video displaying them in detail here:


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